Independence Keel and Rigging Kit


Keel and Rigging parts for the Independence  R/C sailboat model



This kit contains the parts necessary to complete the Independence kit supplied by Chesapeake Light Craft, including the lead keel, rigging and sail parts. for a detailed parts list scroll down.  I have cast the lead keel myself, and contracted out waterjet cut rigging parts.  I have also collected some screws, wire a pulley and odd bits to get you going.  You will need to purchase the Radio control unit and  sail servos separately.

Ships via USPS Priority “medium” flat rate box.

Independence Rigging Part Kit Contents
Part part description number
keel 6 pounds cast lead 1
bow block Harken micro block 432 1
Water-jet cut parts custom brass fittings 1
round head screws 3/8″ #2 brass 40
round head screws 3/4″ #4 1
nut 4-40 NC 8
Brass hook custom made 1
Brass escutcheon pin 1/16″x 1″ 2
machine screw 3/4″ 4-40NC 8
snap swivel bass pro     BPS612 1
rudder post 3/16 brass 1
rudder tube 3/16id brass tubing 1
sail cloth  36″x60″ 3/4 oz 1
basting tape roll 1
1/32″ plywood batten  1/4″ wide by 6 inches long 3
30′ nylon rigging line  100 pound test 1
stainless rigging wire  6 foot coil  1
1/8″ brass tubing 1 foot  1
1/16″ rod 1 foot  1

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in