We hand build our Greenland paddles using the finest Cedar and spruce for lightweight performance and good looks.   The Durable varnish finish protects the paddle for years of use.  The unfeathered blades make for easy and comfortable paddling for experts and novices alike.

The shape of these paddles evolved to give Inuit seal hunters in Greenland the power, speed and control they needed to make a living in the harsh Arctic environment in which they lived.

This paddle pretty closely follows the historic shape and allows you to perform any of the Greenland paddling skills including sweeps, braces and rolls.  The narrow blade allows you to grasp the paddle anywhere along its length to accomplish various maneuvers.  The narrow blade is also an efficient wing which provides lots of lift when bracing or Eskimo rolling.

While being the ideal paddle for the technical sea kayaker, this paddle is excellent for anyone who wants a lightweight, comfortable and easy to use paddle.  I find that the weight and blade size make this an excellent touring paddle that is easy on the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

The stroke for cruising is relatively low compared to the vertical stroke for wide bladed “conventional” paddles.  Power comes from rotating your torso as well as from your arms.  And yes, this paddle has plenty of  “power” to move you along as fast or slow as you want to go.

The rule of thumb measurement for Greenland paddles is that you should be able to easily reach over the end of the paddle with it standing on the floor in front of you.

The length of the shaft should be such that when you grasp the paddle with your forefingers around the shaft at the root of the blades and the rest of your fingers grasping the base of the blade, your hands are about the width of your shoulders apart.

“Power” paddlers may want a paddle slightly longer as well for a slower cadence, though many experienced paddlers like shorter ones.

If you have a very wide kayak or are paddling a canoe or sit-on-top kayak, you will want the paddle longer, so you can reach the water more comfortably